Operation Reset

So today (mark this date: August 23, 2016) I shall start going to the gym and eat leaner than before.

Going to the gym-Fitness goal:GET IN SHAPE. I will promise to go whether or not I want to everyday for at least 30mins work out and each time maximizing the facilities (quite an investment on this one) to serve my fitness goal.

Baseline Height: 5’4” (I think I won’t get any taller)

Baseline Weight: 200 lbs (yes, reached this scary mark already)

Ok, life happens but I want to get in shape because:

  • I feel so stressed walking like I’m going to develop anytime soon a sprain by normal brisk walking.
  • I also suffer from depression quite recently. Being jolly on the outside requires more energy (emotionally & physically) and I am becoming more keen to just slug off which is totally bad.
  • I still have a full life ahead of me, loved ones to support and goals to claim. Breathe but do something.

EAT LEAN & NEAT-This will be a challenge more than anything else. I have to learn how to eat cheaper, trim down expenses and trim down some weight.

Baseline: I eat and spend so much outside. Practically have eaten in all good restaurants in the metro (I believe so), making the occasional binge a daily thing so this has to stop and I have to go more green this time.

So today is the day, I get you followers as my accountability partners. Tough but tough material is what women are made of.May the odds be in my favor.Signed.

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